workers comp and surveillanceWorkers’ compensation fraud is a big problem in the country, and it costs businesses a lot of money each year. Consumers also suffer because they pay a higher price for many of the products and services they buy every day. Of course, the main reason that people commit fraud is for the money, but in some cases, it is a medical clinic or an attorney that is involved. The following are a few of the most common motivations for fraud.

  1. To collect a check and not have to work

    They want to receive money for nothing. There are many people who simply do not want to work. While some people will be motivated to collect payment for a short period of time, others will attempt to parlay a fake injury into a permanent disability. This type of fraud can be found with the private investigation services that we offer. In fact, in order for a person who is faking an injury to never be discovered, they will have to remain in their home permanently. Because, once they go outside, we will have them on video surveillance, and it will only be a matter of time before we see them doing a physical action they should not be able to do.

  2. To get an increase in income

    Some people will still be working after they are awarded their workers’ compensation. Once the checks start rolling in, they find themselves with extra time on their hands. Any income from another source of work means a higher standard of living. Amazingly enough, people have no idea that they can be placed under surveillance by a private investigator. If an individual claims to not be healthy enough to work, but is engaged in work for profit, we can document this for you so you can take legal action.

  3. To prevent a loss of income

    In this situation, an employee had an injury, but it was not on the job. Their medical insurance may cover much of the medical bills, but they may end up missing a lot of work; therefore, they are missing paychecks. By claiming the injury was on the job, they can be compensated with a workers’ compensation payment for the time missed from work. In this situation, an individual may have a real injury, so video surveillance will not be helpful. We, however, can do a private investigation that can uncover evidence that the injury took place elsewhere. An example of this evidence might be medical records of a treatment prior to the time the injury was claimed to have taken place.

  4. An increase in revenue for a medical or legal practice

    Sometimes doctors and lawyers can work together to defraud the workers’ compensation system, but just as often, they will work separately. In many cases, most of their practice is legitimate, but the temptation to defraud can be great for a doctor or lawyer whose business is slow. Usually an injury will be real, but a doctor or a lawyer will exaggerate the claim to get more money.

If you suspect that an employee is committing fraud with a workers’ compensation filing, we can conduct a thorough investigation to determine if your suspicion is correct. In fact, our investigation can be done in a discreet manner, so if your suspicion is not correct, no one will know the difference.

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Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is a private investigator and founder of Tristar Investigation, California’s premiere detective agency. Bruce is also a media commentator for the investigation industry, featured in the New York Times, CNN, History Channel, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times and many more. You can find him on Google+ LinkedIn and YouTube.