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Problems We Solve

  • Do you have a missing plaintiff or class representative with a deadline looming?
  • Are you unable to communicate with your plaintiff or class rep?
  • Are you not sure if they are missing or have become intentionally unresponsive?
  • Do you need alternate ways to make contact with your plaintiff?

The Tristar Solution

  • We are experts at finding and communicating with missing or unresponsive plaintiffs
  • We act fast and can get missing or reluctant plaintiffs back in touch with you quickly.
  • Once found, we can hand deliver a letter from you to them
  • We can also have them sign declarations or settlement documents.

The Tristar Process

  • First we determine if they have moved or changed contact data
  • Then we reach out using alternate contact data for them and relatives
  • We send agents to their address to make personal contact with them
  • We facilitate their reconnecting with your firm to get your case back on track

Details: How It Works

1. Locate

Conduct a thorough locate investigation to identify any new addresses, phone numbers, work information, or other contact methods, such as social media.

Identify spouses, parents, relatives, roommates, etc, who may be in contact with the subject.

2. Reach Out

Reach out directly to the plaintiff with the new contact data and ask them to contact your office.

3. Visit In Person

We go in person (anywhere in California) and conduct a door knock to contact the plaintiff personally and encourage their cooperation.

If they are not there, we gather intel as to when we can contact the plaintiff and we encourage whoever is home to help get the subject to contact your office.

4. Obtain Signatures

If we find the plaintiff and they are convinced to cooperate, we can have them sign declarations or settlement documents.

If we contact the plaintiff and they are still uncooperative, we can hand deliver a letter from your office informing them of the possible negative consequences of their failure to cooperate.

Endorsed By

Matthew J. Matern, Esq.


“Bruce and the team at Tristar have been wonderful to work with. Beyond their professionalism, they produce excellent results, are prompt to respond, and are transparent in their communications with us.

Brian Panish, Esq.


“For over 20 years Bruce Robertson and the team at Tristar Investigation have responded promptly, identified the key issues, and can be relied on to dig deep until the task is accomplished. I would recommend Tristar to any colleague.”

Kane Moon, Esq.


“We value our relationship with Bruce Robertson and the Tristar Investigation team.  They are responsive and always keep us informed.  We can always count on them to deliver excellent results.”

Why Choose Tristar?


Tristar has been serving the California trial bar for over 35 years.  We are privileged to have conducted investigations for over 600 law firms.

Cost Efficient

As a licensed detective agency identifying witnesses for active cases, our fees can be a reimbursable case cost, helping to curb your firm’s bottom line. 


Our services help move PAGA cases along quickly and efficiently.  Our clients praise our consistent productivity, freeing up their time for other tasks.

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