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The Asset Recovery is used to reveal the financial profile an individual or business. The Asset Recovery can be useful making a wide variety of business decisions. There are several level of asset recovery investigations, from a basic search of public records to very thorough “deep” asset investigations, which can reveal hidden assets such as offshore accounts. (If you are looking for asset searches in other areas, select Personal Asset Searches or Legal Asset Search.)

In business matters asset searches are used to determine the financial worthiness of a potential partner, also known as due diligence investigations. In business matters where there is a potential for legal action, they can be used to determine the ability of a party to pay if the law suit is successful. In instances where one party owes money to the other, they are used to collect a debt or judgment. This includes the collection of small claims judgments. In some cases in individual may have declared bankruptcy, yet there is a possibility that assets may have been sequestered.

Asset Recovery investigations are also useful as part of pre-employment screening for executives and management personnel. They are also useful in matters of loss prevention and uncovering employee theft and fraud. Employees living beyond their means can be a major red flag in such matters. Asset investigation are also used in researching the competition in new and existing markets.

We often tell business clients that discovering assets is an art not a science. This is especially true of the more thorough investigations in cases where assets are deliberately being shielded and hidden. In these instances you need the skills of seasoned professions whose knowledge of the ways such assets are hidden enable them produce positive results on your project.

Tristar Investigation offers a wide variety of Asset Recovery investigations. The table below spells out each level of investigation we offer. Note that each successive level includes all the previous levels of investigation, plus those listed in the section. For a free consultation or to get started right away on your process service project, call us for service throughout California and the US at (800) 487-0947, e-mail us or download our fax form.

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