Subrosa Surveillance

A Subrosa Surveillance specialist, Tristar Investigation has over 30 years experience serving the legal and insurance communities with Subrosa Surveillance needs in California.

The effective use of Subrosa Surveillance surveillance is the most crucial factor in defending against workers compensation fraud and to counter injury limitation claims made by the claimant. We deliver top quality video that clearly shows when the claimant is exaggerating or falsifying the existence or extent of an injury. The Subrosa Surveillance is conducted by seasoned professionals who know how to get video that saves your company real money by defeating fraudulent workers compensation claims.

Here is why you’ll want to choose Tristar Investigation for your next Subrosa Surveillance project:

Background Research: We do thorough background research before going out in the field. We confirm addresses, ID vehicles and perform pre-surveillance activity research. The level of detail far surpasses the average “background check” done by other firms. This, combined with our half-day subject confirmation pull-off policy, results in more productive days in the field.

Subrosa Surveillance Video Surveillance: We obtain active video in 75% of the cases we work. This leads to more opportunity for you to receive the case breaking-video that makes Subrosa Surveillance the valuable tool it is.

Feedback: You get real-time feedback on your Subrosa Surveillance case, so you can be sure at all times that your investment is paying off. Our fast two-week turnaround gives you the information you need to make timely decisions on your file. Our easy-to-read reports, with concise and descriptive case summaries, make efficient use of your time.

Experienced Investigators: Our Subrosa Surveillance investigators are well-trained seasoned professionals averaging six years experience. Many are ex-law enforcement. This distinguishes us from those firms that offer sub-standard surveillance by hiring inexperienced people off the street with no expertise, paying them poorly, and then shoving them out in the field with a video camera. This approach is hit and miss, and more importantly, it can result in a blown cover, damaging the chances for success in the future.

Successful Track Record: We have saved clients over $6 million in claims over the last six years. We know how to sniff out the fraudulent claimants and bust the claim wide open with case-breaking video. We back this up with experienced professional agents who close the deal with credible, unshakable testimony when it comes to a hearing, deposition or trial.

At Tristar Investigation, we know every situation is different. We are professional and flexible enough to create a winning formula for your situation, no matter how difficult. For a free consultation or to get started right away on your Subrosa Surveillance project, call us for service throughout California and the US at (800) 487-0947, e-mail us or download our fax form.

What people are saying

Thank you for providing me with such outstanding service. I truly appreciate you and your staff for all you’ve done for me and my family…. I’m totally pleased with the outcome and their findings… Great job!

Gerome S. | Retired | USA

I have used Tristar for years. Their response time and results are unparalleled. They get my highest praise.

Robert Clayton, Attorney | Taylor & Ring, LLP | Los Angeles, CA

Tristar found my birth mothers records the same day. I am very impressed with their professionalism and the services they provide. I will use them again for any of my needs.

Dr. Claudia Barne | Professor | 23 years

Tristar was very helpful in my address search. Kellie Anguiano was very personable and kept me up to date with the search process… Thank you so much for your help!

Emily | DDS Student | 2 years | Los Angeles, CA

Tristar is by far the most reliable and efficient investigator we have ever used.

Nicole Young | Attorney, 14 years | Woodland Hills, CA

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