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The asset search is used to reveal the financial profile of an individual or business. These searches can help you find hidden family assets, prepare you for suing someone and more. There are several levels of the asset search, from a basic search of public records to very thorough “deep” asset investigations, which can reveal hidden assets such as offshore accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to search for a spouse’s assets in a divorce?
Here is how to search for a spouse’s assets in a divorce. Often the spouse is secretive about their financial dealings and often that can give them the ability to hide assets that should be divided. So here are a few key things you need to look for.

If there are past loan or mortgage documents that you can access, these can help you find assets. Pay attention to statements that come in the mail. Even if you can’t see the contents, copying down the return address can give a key bit of data you can give to a professional investigator. If there is a previous marriage, getting a copy of the divorce settlement can be very helpful.

Those are a few of the things you can do yourself. However unless you are very lucky, there is going to be a lot of uncertainty that you know everything about the spouse’s assets. Hiring a private investigator is key to uncovering all your spouse’s assets because investigators have access to sources and databases not available to individuals. They also have the experience of seeing how others have attempted to hide their assets.

Thinking of suing someone? Need to know what they’re worth?
If you are thinking of suing someone, you can start by finding out their full name (with correct spelling!) and their home address. In most areas you can go online to the county’s real property website to find out who owns the address and where they live.

To get a comprehensive idea of someone’s assets, hiring a private investigator who is an expert in asset location is the next step. Private investigators have access to sources and databases not available to individuals. This includes ownership of businesses, limited partnerships, vehicles, real property, and other forms of assets such as bank accounts. Experienced investigators can also find hidden assets that people may be trying to hide.

Someone owes me money and I need to find his or her assets and bank accounts
If someone owes you money and you need to find their assets and bank accounts, you can start by learning their real name and where they live. From there you can go online and research real property ownership and fictitious business they own. Fictitious business, also known as DBA’s (“doing business as”) are public records usually available at the local county seat. If they are officers of corporations or principals of limited partnerships, this information is kept at the state level.

Often people have assets that are not easily identified by public records, such as when they are held in different names (aliases), by family members or when other means of hiding assets are used. That’s why the services of an expert private investigator is needed to do a reliable comprehensive asset investigation. Private investigators can also search for bank accounts, brokerage accounts and offshore bank accounts and other hard to find assets.

How can I find someone’s assets for a small claims case?
Need to know how to find assets in small claims cases? For a majority of individuals a small claims lawsuit is the best way to collect money for loans or contract disputes. But after you win your judgment how do you collect the money you are owed?

First you need to file the proper papers after the judgment which starts with getting the debtor served with a “Writ of Execution.” This is a court order that enforces a judgment of possession, thus allowing the sheriff to take possession of property and transfer it to you. Once you have a Writ of Execution you can begin collection methods such as garnishing the debtor’s wages or putting a levy on their bank account.

In order to garnish wages you must know the debtor’s employer and have the proper papers served there. In order to levy bank accounts, you must know where the bank accounts are held. The best way to find out where bank accounts are is by hiring the services of a private investigator. After that information is gathered the sheriff can serve the Writ of Execution on the bank and you can collect our judgment.

How to find someone’s bank account information
In order to find someone’s bank account, you need to first gather detailed accurate information on the identity of the person. This includes full name, home address and hopefully a Social Security number. You may have the ability to do this yourself or in other cases where little is known about the person, you’ll need to hire a private investigator to help gather this information.

Once you have accurate identification of the person, with correct name and address, the next step is to identify where they bank. In most cases this is not a DYI (do it yourself) project. It requires the services of a private investigator with expertise in locating bank accounts. With hundreds of banking institutions in any one area, finding this information takes experience and skill. Contact us for more details.

My father/mother/family-member died, I need to know what his assets are in his estate
If you need to know how to find assets in an estate after someone dies the search begins with finding out everything you can about the person. Do you have their full name, date of birth and Social Security number? Do you know what states they may have lived in? Do you know the names of relatives that may also be on real property deeds? Do you know where they banked?

If you have all this information then you will be in good shape to take the next step to research public records for ownership of the assets. If you are not familiar with researching public records, you can take the next step by hiring a private investigator to do the research for you. In addition the investigator can find other assets not available to the public at large such as bank accounts, safe deposit boxes and brokerage accounts.

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Thank you for providing me with such outstanding service. I truly appreciate you and your staff for all you’ve done for me and my family…. I’m totally pleased with the outcome and their findings… Great job!

Gerome S. | Retired | USA

I have used Tristar for years. Their response time and results are unparalleled. They get my highest praise.

Robert Clayton, Attorney | Taylor & Ring, LLP | Los Angeles, CA

Tristar found my birth mothers records the same day. I am very impressed with their professionalism and the services they provide. I will use them again for any of my needs.

Dr. Claudia Barne | Professor | 23 years

Tristar was very helpful in my address search. Kellie Anguiano was very personable and kept me up to date with the search process… Thank you so much for your help!

Emily | DDS Student | 2 years | Los Angeles, CA

Tristar is by far the most reliable and efficient investigator we have ever used.

Nicole Young | Attorney, 14 years | Woodland Hills, CA

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We Conduct Outreach to Interview PAGA Employee Witness

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  • Do you need to get more declarations for an upcoming motion or trial on a tight deadline?
  • Is your team overwhelmed with the number of employee witnesses that need to be contacted and interviewed?
  • Is your staff being strained by the amount of time it takes to make contact with potential witnesses?
  • Has the court given you leave to find new class representatives?

The Tristar Solution

  • Tristar Investigation conducts comprehensive employee witness outreach projects for PAGA attorneys
  • Our team is skilled at interviewing and vetting employees to determine their value as a witness
  • Our bilingual outreach team is experienced, friendly, and successful at connecting with employee witnesses
  • We provide detailed interview status reports that give you the information you need to evaluate the witnesses

The Tristar Process

  • Our team makes calls to your list of aggrieved employees*
  • We confirm employees are qualified to be declarants
  • If qualified, we interview them and give you the details
  • We make arrangements with them for your team to prepare declarations

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Details: How It Works

1. Employee Lists

We start with your aggrieved employee list and our bilingual outreach team methodically makes calls to the list employees. (If your  aggrieved employee list is stale, incorrect, or non-existent, learn more about our employee list research service here.

2. Outbound Calling

We run our outbound calling campaigns using our tested, sophisticated outreach methods that increase the likelihood of contact.  The Tristar outreach team is all here in California and we make calls at various times of the day to increase the response rate.

3. Preliminary Review

Once we make contact, our team vets the employees by conducting an interview that will give you the facts you need to evaluate the witness. If we uncover information that may affect their ability to serve as a witness, we include that as well.

4. Daily Updates

We provide a detailed daily status update with all the qualified witnesses’ best contact info and time windows to reach them.  We also offer you the choice of an instant text with the contact information to your team in the event they are available.

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Employee List Research

If your  aggrieved employee list is stale, incorrect, or non-existent, you can also engage Tristar to research and deliver to you a better and up-to-date aggrieved employee list.

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Tristar has been serving the California trial bar for over 35 years.  We are privileged to have conducted investigations for over 600 law firms.

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As a licensed detective agency identifying witnesses for active cases, our fees can be a reimbursable case cost, helping to curb your firm’s bottom line. 


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