The number one reason that a man or woman wants to place their spouse under surveillance is that they suspect them of cheating. The question becomes one of timing. When should you begin to start watching your spouse? There is no right answer, but in general, when there is more than one sign your spouse is cheating as well as multiple instances of the same sign.

woman under spousal surveillance

You begin to get hang-up phone calls.

This can be innocent. It may be the wrong number, or perhaps it was a number dialed by a robot calling program. Whatever the case, it may not mean anything at all. However, if this happens several times, or it happens in conjunction with other signs of cheating, you may want to contact our investigation firm.

Your spouse is receiving calls from a co-worker.

Although it is possible for your spouse to be working closely on a new project with someone of the opposite sex at work, this may not be the case. Often a cheating wife or husband thinks that it is a safe cover to call in the presence of their spouse as long as this person is someone they work with. This is not smart, but many think they are operating in secret while seemingly being transparent. We can get to the bottom of this type of relationship quickly.

Your spouse is working late.

This is a classic maneuver. A man or woman simply calls home telling their spouse they will be working late when, in fact, they are nowhere near work, and are having an affair. When this happens, it is usually something new for a spouse. In the past, the spouse seldom ever worked late. Again, the truth may be that he or she is working late, but if this behavior is accompanied by other signs, it is time to give us a call.

You find unexplained charges on a credit card.

Often a spouse will use a credit card, without thinking, for a dinner at a restaurant that they had never been to in the past. In many cases this will have been a secret rendezvous with their lover. When asked about the charge, you may see a look of surprise; as if they just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Alternatively, they may offer a weak explanation as to what the charge was for. If this happens, make a mental note of it, and then look for other signs. If you have several reasons to be suspicious, then give us a call.

Always remember that your spouse may be completely innocent, but if not, a professional private investigator will be able to determine whether or not your suspicions about your husband or wife’s cheating are correct. If it turns out that your suspicions are not true, your spouse will never be aware that they were under surveillance. This will not likely be the case if you attempt to watch your spouse yourself. If you attempt to follow your spouse to watch what he or she is up to and in the process get caught spying, you will only make the problem worse. Give us a call, and we can let you know how our infidelity investigation services can help you in your specific circumstances.

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Bruce Robertson

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