People go missing every day in this country, and most of the time it is voluntary. If there is any suspicion that an adult has gone missing against their will, the police will investigate the incident for the possibility of wrongdoing.

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As private investigators, we are involved in a wide range of situations involving missing persons. Although voluntary, many of these missing persons are fleeing the law or a legal judgment. We also look for people who are not missing, but are people our clients want to locate for personal reasons. The following are a few definitions of “missing persons” we can help to locate.

People who are missing because of outstanding debt

It is common for people who owe money to think they can skip town, and they will never be found. However, if the debt is worth pursuing, we can track down people no matter where they have moved to. When it comes to collection agencies and lawyers searching for an individual to collect debt, there is no substitute for our private investigation services. Debtors can run, but they cannot hide. Once they have been located, you can decide the best way to go about collecting the debt, but you need to find them first, and that is our specialty.

People who are missing because they owe child support

This type of “missing person” is similar to those missing because of outstanding debt; however, there is a key difference. When someone is running from paying child support, there is usually a court judgment that has already been issued. We can locate the parent, and in addition, discover their source(s) of income. It is common for a missing parent to be located and claim poverty, but we can locate a person’s source of income as well as their current residence.

People avoiding process serving

People who are avoiding being served a subpoena are often still in town. Sometimes they are simply indoors and working hard not to be served. In the case of a missing person due to the avoidance being served, we can locate the individual for you and discover the best time and place to deliver the subpoena.

Long lost friends and relatives

You may be looking for a friend or relative that you have not seen in many years. In this case, again, the person is not actually missing; you simply don’t know where they live or how to find them. We have the skill to locate these people, and verify that they are still living. In the case of a client wanting to locate a biological mother or father, we can locate them and discover whether the parent desires a reunion with his or her biological child.

Regardless of the person you are looking to find, we have the skills to find them as well as access to information not readily available to the public. Although the reason you wish to find someone may have a variety of motives, you cannot proceed with your goals until this person is found, and locating missing people is one of the many services our private investigation services provides. Contact us today, and we can discuss the specifics of the missing person you need help finding.

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Bruce Robertson

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