cheating spouse on phoneThere are several devices you can use to bug your residence to gather information. Some of these devices record video, while others record audio, or both. In some cases, it is software that is being used. The following is a discussion of the devices used, how they are employed, as well as their applications.

Video Recording for Home Surveillance

These cameras are very small, but their storage capacity can be quite impressive. The main attraction though, is the size. This enables you to hide the camera in any number of places. Some of these cameras are available in cases that appear to be something they are not. Examples include smartphone battery cases, pencil sharpers and smoke detectors.

Uses for Video Recorders

Perhaps the most popular use for video recorders is what is called the nanny cam. A hidden camera monitors how a child caretaker such as a nanny or babysitter is treating your son or daughter.

In general, video surveillance in your home is legal as long as it is for the purpose of security. Another example of security use with video cameras is to monitor your home when you are not there. Motion detectors can turn the cameras on, so if there is a burglary you can get the thief on camera for the police.

Audio Recorders

There are many devices on the market that will record audio, and some of the more popular ones are designed to work with a landline telephone in your home. Often when someone is looking for an audio recording, it relates to spousal surveillance, because you suspect he or she is cheating on you. You want to record the phone conversations of your spouse, and maybe any conversation that is taking place in your house as well. However, almost all of this is illegal.

There are both federal and state laws concerning audio recording, and in general all parties have to consent. You may be able to get the evidence you need, but you could never use it in court. In fact, if your spouse finds out about it, it could hurt you during divorce proceedings. There are other options for surveillance that can be done by our private investigation firm to get evidence of a cheating spouse.

Mobile Phone Apps

Of course, if your spouse is having an affair and never uses a landline, you may want to bug his or her mobile phone. This can be tricky, and the laws vary from state to state. In general, if both of you share the same phone plan you can do this legally. This is something that a good private investigation service can help you with.

With a shared smartphone, you are not using a physical device, but are using an app that must be installed on the phone. Once this is done there are a variety of things that can be recorded, including voices. The extent of the data you can gather is limited by the capabilities of the app.

There are many pitfalls in attempting to bug your home for surveillance, so if you suspect your spouse of cheating or are suspicious of a babysitter, you should rely on the skills and knowledge of a professional private investigation firm. If you tell us your situation, we can tell you how we can best help you, and we can do it legally and discreetly.

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