You may have a reason to believe that your spouse or someone else you know is hiding something from you, but you’re not sure what the signs are. Maybe you are just imagining it. However, there are several signs that someone is hiding something from you. In some cases, they simply may want to keep something private, and when you confront them about it, you will find that they simply didn’t want to worry you. Perhaps it is something they didn’t want you to know about, because it is something minor. The following are a few behaviors that might cause concern, especially if used at the same time.

a hiding person

Using Cash to Pay for Services

An easy way to get caught doing something is to charge it on a credit card. When the statement arrives in the mail, a quick glance will reveal charges that cannot be accounted for. When someone pays with cash, there is no record other than a receipt, and this can be disposed of before going home. In some cases, a person may be cheating and doesn’t want a record of the restaurant where he or she met for a secret rendezvous. However, it could also be something more innocent, like purchasing an indulgence behind your back that he or she wasn’t suppose to purchase.

Using a Pre-Paid Cell Phone

Criminals and cheating spouses seem to be the most well known groups to use a throw away phone. This is the type of phone that is low cost with pre-paid minutes that can be purchased at a local supermarket. There is no record linked to this type of phone, and because it is cheap, when it is no longer needed, it can be thrown away. Using a pre-paid cell phone removes the possibility of being called at home. Hang-up phone calls are a classic sign that your spouse is cheating on you, but if the other man or woman wants to call your spouse, it can simply be done on a pre-paid phone. If you discover that your spouse has a phone like this, you may need our services to investigate his or her behavior.

Having a Secret Post Office Box

Just like a secret phone number, a post office box can serve as a secret mailing address. A fast way to get caught doing something you are keeping from another person is to have an incriminating piece of mail delivered to your home address. A post office box solves this problem, and can be purchased with cash. There would be no record of this mailing address that a spouse would easily stumble upon on their own.

Being Excessively Secretive

When people spend a lot of time together, they share much of their lives, so if someone close to you has suddenly taken up a more secretive behavior, then there may be something they are hiding. Examples of this type of behavior include talking on the phone in a low voice or suddenly using passwords for everything, including their cell phone and computer.

When a person is being secretive, it is natural to suspect the worst, but this may not be the case. The only way to know for sure is use the service of a personal investigator. We can investigate your spouse or friend’s behavior discreetly and get to the truth behind the secretive behavior. Once you have this information, you can decide what to do next.

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Bruce Robertson

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