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One of the most common situations that leads to marital infidelity is the workplace. This is especially true when business trips are involved. The following are just a few things to look for that may be signs that your spouse is cheating on you with a coworker.

Business trips are becoming longer.

Business trips are increasing in duration. What used to be two or three days is now four or five days. It is common for a cheating spouse to simply add a couple of days to a business trip in order to accommodate an affair. There is seldom a good explanation for this, especially when the destinations are similar to the ones in the past. In other words, they are the same trips to conventions, trade shows or customers.

You are no longer included in the business trip.

Although many husbands and wives never accompany their spouse on a business trip, if you have been included in the past but are now left out of the trip, this could be a sign of an affair. Of course, there is no certainty to this, especially if your spouse works for a large company. Corporations have budgets that are in flux, and cutbacks are not uncommon. Small business owners may be a bigger concern. Unless you know that your spouse’s business is slow and saving money is a priority, this can be a red flag.

Expenses for the trip have gone up.

This can be a tricky one to detect. Sometimes simply changing to a better quality hotel can mean an increase in trip expenses, but an increase in expenses can also mean more money spent on a secret lover. Larger companies often scrutinize expense reports, so this type of sign is something seen more commonly with those who own their own company.

Not staying at a hotel.

When this happens, it is often done without your knowledge. Your spouse will tell you that he or she will be staying at a hotel, but in the age of cell phones you’re not likely to call the hotel. In some cases, a spouse may not even bother giving the name of a hotel because you can always reach him or her by cell phone. You only assume there is a hotel. If a hotel name is given to you and you call the hotel only to find out your spouse is not staying there, you will likely be told that there was a last minute change in plans.

An emotional affair is still cheating.

Some relationships at work become so close that it’s hard to see the slippery slope for what it is. Many justify close work relationships because nothing has happened physically. But an emotional affair is still an affair. If you find your spouse talking more about and to a coworker and less to you, it may be a sign that a sexual affair could be right around the corner.

If you suspect that your spouse is unfaithful, then you need to give us a call. We can find out the truth concerning your spouse’s business trips and investigate your cheating spouse. A private investigation firm, such as ours, has years of experience looking into suspicions of infidelity, even those that may be taking place away from town on a business trip.


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Bruce Robertson

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