skip tracing a personSkip tracing is a service that is offered to locate an individual that has skipped town to avoid a legal or financial obligation, or has simply gone missing. Tracking down individuals is one of the services we offer as a professional private investigation company.

Why We Are Effective With Skip Tracing

We have access to data and various forms of information that individuals and businesses simply do not have. This includes court records, financial data, and various forms of data that is found at the local level. Along with the ability to gather data on an individual being sought after, we complement this with interviews with people that may know the individual or have been in contact with them. Our years of experience have increased the probability of obtaining information from people that someone without the experience could ever hope to achieve.

People You May Want To Locate

You may have won a court order for a judgment, but the person you sued left town. This may be a former business partner or perhaps a court order for child support, but without knowing the location of this person, the judgment means nothing. The court system will do very little to help, and an attorney can do very little unless they know where the person is.

Once we locate the individual you are looking for, an attorney can then proceed on your behalf to enforce the judgment. Of course, not everyone missing is fleeing the legal system. Some people simply move and do not leave a forwarding address behind. There are cases where people simply want to locate a lost relative who they lost contact with, but they are no longer living at their last known address.

Need to recover a debt?

It is common for people to leave town or simply attempt to live under the radar to avoid paying money they owe. Although collection agencies have basic techniques to locate a debtor, our services take skip tracing to an entirely new level. We have the skills and knowledge to find people that a collection agency simply does not have. We can locate individuals that collection agencies give up on, because of their limited debtor finding techniques. Once we find these individuals, the legal process of recovering debt can begin.

Need to find someone for a legal case?

If you are an insurance company or attorney, we provide valuable services for your industry. Often when it is discovered that a person has committed fraud with their insurance claim, it is too late to recover the money. He or she has long since disappeared with the money, and there seems to be no hope of getting the money back. It is true that there are legal options that can be pursued, but without knowing exactly where the person is, the chances of recovering any money are nil. We can find these people for you, thus opening up a range of options, both civil and legal, in getting your money back.

If you are an attorney working on a case, you may need to locate a defendant or even your own client. Other parties we can skip trace are witnesses who can be crucial to proving your case. Or perhaps you need to serve someone who cannot be located, we can locate your party and get them served with legal papers.

We can perform skip tracing services for both individuals and organizations, so if you are looking for someone who left town or appears to have disappeared, we will most likely be able to locate them. Contact us to find out more, or submit an investigation request today.

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Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is a private investigator and founder of Tristar Investigation, California’s premiere detective agency. Bruce is also a media commentator for the investigation industry, featured in the New York Times, CNN, History Channel, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times and many more. You can find him on Google+ LinkedIn and YouTube.