work injury claim surveillance

You may have strong suspicions that an employee has filed a fraudulent claim for workers’ compensation. You may even have an eyewitness to testify to this fraud. But without hard evidence, the claim is likely to be paid. The following is a quick explanation of how an insurance subrosa surveillance investigation can give strength to your case of fraud.

It all begins with a review of the case.

The first thing an investigator needs to do is review the facts in the case. In particular, it is important to know the nature of the injury. How the individual claims the injury was sustained, as well as any medical information that is available. It is also necessary to know both the cause and the extent of the injury that the employee is claiming in order to determine what the person can be physically expected to do and not do.

Developing a plan of action.

Once the claim of injury is well understood, a plan to catch an employee in his fraud is formulated. The idea is to catch her in the act of doing something that is inconsistent with the claim of injury.

Getting to know a person’s daily routine can be helpful. A private investigator will interview neighbors and coworkers, and scan social media sites for inconsistencies. Often an individual is not aware that their comments and posts about social activities are being monitored. They may comment about an upcoming weekend excursion or vacation that involves physical activity that should not be possible given their injury.

Surveillance is done on the suspected fraudster.

Once the best way to document the fraudulent claim of worker’s compensation is decided, it only remains a matter of waiting in the right place or following the suspect. There are times when it is possible to follow an individual to a public place such as a store, and document them lifting something heavy that should not be possible with their alleged injury. Sometimes a suspect can be recorded doing something in their front yard, but often it will be away from their home, in a place they will not be suspicious of being watched.

Private investigators are discreet.

One of the most important attributes of a private investigator is the ability to use surveillance techniques without being detected. If you were to attempt to do this work yourself and are spotted, you will you’re your opportunity to document the case of fraud. We do this type of work routinely, and can document fraud without an individual becoming suspicious.

An insurance subrosa surveillance case that is done by a professional private investigator takes several steps to complete. The result is hard evidence that will back up your case in a court of law. Your best chance of success is to hire a professional investigator from the start. Give us a call and provide us with some of the details of your case, and we can explain how our services can help you in your specific situation.

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Bruce Robertson

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