If you need to serve someone with court documents, you should understand that a typical process server has limitations. If you know exactly where someone lives or works and this person will make no attempt to evade a process server, you will likely have success. A typical process server does a routine job of delivering a notice to appear in court. Anything out of the ordinary will likely result in a failure to serve these court papers. A private investigation firm that offers process serving provides more possibilities. The following are additional services that a private investigator will provide that make it much easier to serve court documents.

finding process service target

If someone is evading a summons..

You may know exactly where the individual lives, but there are legal requirements regarding how they must be served. Our private investigation firm has the tactical experience to get the individuals to make an appearance at their door and be handed the papers. We also can wait for a person to arrive or leave their job to deliver the papers as well. Knowing where an individual lives is not always enough for a typical process server. A private investigator can take the next step and make sure the documents are served.

If the person cannot be located

You know the person you are looking for is still in town, but you are not sure where they are staying. Unfortunately, a process server needs an address to attempt to serve papers. A private investigator can locate a missing person, and then serve them with the court papers. We have a variety of techniques that we use to pinpoint exactly where a person is staying. If you are not sure where to find someone, it is best to come directly to our firm, and we can take care of both locating and serving the individual in question.

If the person has skipped town…

Process servers do not engage in this skip tracing, but our private investigation firm does. Skip tracing involves locating a person who has apparently left town. Although this can be done, the first step is verifying that the person has, in fact, left the city. Often a person’s friends and relatives will claim the individual has left town, but this is only done to throw off a process server. We can first verify the story, and if true, discover their new location, so they can be served the documents.

The documents are always served in a legal manner.

Occasionally, a process server may attempt to get creative in an attempt to serve court documents, but it may not be done in the proper manner. Not only does a private investigator know all of the tricks to serve papers on behalf of their client, but it will always be done within the boundaries of the law. Understanding the law is an essential part of being a successful, professional private investigator.

If you are having trouble serving court papers to someone, do not hesitate to contact us. We can explain how our services apply to your specific circumstances. In addition, if you have not yet hired a process server and have limited information about the individual you want serve, it is best to hire us from the beginning.

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Bruce Robertson

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