serving legal processA process server is needed anytime a party is bringing about a law suit against another. The party being sued must be notified of the lawsuit, so they are aware of who is suing them and for what reason. They can then prepare to defend themselves in a court of law and participate in their defense. The person who delivers this information is the process server. In many instances, this can be routine and easy to accomplish.

The person performing this work must be 18 years of age and not associated with the case in any way.. There is certain paperwork that must be filled out and delivered to the courts that shows proof that the defendant has been properly served. This is why iIt is common for the process server to be a marshal or someone from the county sheriff’s department. When this happens, the bill for this service is often added to the court costs.

Problems with Process Serving

In many cases, thea person is easy to locate, and they may even know that they are going to be served. In this situation, it is routine. However, if a person does not want to be served, it is possible to evade a process server. Keep in mind, with rare exceptions, theIn some cases the papers can be served on someone else living or working at the place of service. In other cases notification must be physically handed to the individual being sued, especially if the papers require them to appear for trial or deposition . If a person is concerned that their assets may be at risk by losing a lawsuit, they may make themselves extremely difficult to find. In some cases, they may not be residing in the same state as their last address. In situations like these, where people are difficult to find, you will need professional help in locating them.

Why Use a Private Investigator?

There are people who advertise their services for process serving, but seldom do they put in a great deal of effort to find someone and then serve them court papers. In fact, many of these people process servier don’t have the investigative ability to get the job done even if they tried. The best option is to use a private investigator who also provides process serving. Naturally, they will charge more for their services than someone that only does process serving, however, the skills of a private investigator can work wonders.

How a Private Investigator Can Help with Your Lawsuit

A good private investigator has access to databases that the average person does not. In addition, they know where to start their search and how to slowly expand their net to locate the individual being sued served and physically hand them the legal notification of the lawsuit. People may attempt to lose themselves in another city or state, but it is nearly impossible for someone to disappear. Even if the person being sought out is currently in jail, a private investigator will discover this.

Of course, not everyone who is being sued is hiding from a process server. Some people are easily found and served. But sometimes the situation arises where a forwarding address was not left behind, in other situations people temporarily move, and once they find a more permanent place to live, their location becomes unknown. If you need a legal process server in Los Angeles, Tristar PI’s investigators can locate those hard to find individuals for you and get your civil suit moving forward whether you are an individual or an attorney.

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