If you suspect that your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful, you are likely thinking of ways to verify your suspicions. It may have occurred to you to use an app to catch a cheater, but before you do this, understand that there are limitations as well as risks when using them.

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Monitor Your Spouse’s Phone Activities with mSpy

This is an example of an app that can be used to monitor phone calls and online activities. mSpy will provide information about phone calls, text messages and emails. Keep in mind that you are not recording the content of the phone calls, but only recording a log of the calls. You can know the phone number, the duration of the call as well as when the call was made.

Text messages and emails are different. You will know who the sender or receiver of the message or email is, and you will be able to read texts and emails as well. This type of spy app can be of great value, but you have to be careful, and try to understand the context of the message you are reading.

Monitor Your Spouse’s Movements with Find My Kids – Footprints

Although this app was designed for parents to keep track of their children’s movements, many people have found it useful for monitoring the movements of their spouse. Basically Footprints is a GPS system that will give you the location of the phone and any movement that is taking place for the person you are trying to keep tabs on.

Of course, the phone needs to be with your spouse, and it needs to be turned on. This is usually not a problem because most people have their phone with them at all times. But a cheating partner may turn theirs off to avoid being contacted when meeting with their lover.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Spy Camera with Camster

The Camster app provides live video from around the world. This, by itself, will not be helpful for your purpose; however, it allows you to integrate the app with a camera of your own. You can install a small spy camera in a secret location, and then monitor the feed with your smartphone. The problem with this is you need to have your camera in the exact location where evidence of infidelity will take place. Most people will go out of their way to find locations where they won’t be seen.

Although using a smartphone can be a tool in the investigation of infidelity, it is only one tool. As professional private investigators, have a variety of methods that we use to get the information you need about your partner, which may or may not include the use of a smartphone.

It is best for you to avoid using an app to find out the truth yourself. Depending upon the circumstances, it can actually be illegal to use spy apps. In addition, if you are caught spying and you’re wrong, it can destroy a relationship. Call us so we can listen to the details of your situation. We will apply the appropriate techniques to discover whether or not your partner is being unfaithful to you and perform a fully legal, safe infidelity investigation.

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Bruce Robertson

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