There are several reasons you may want to investigate your spouse. Perhaps you are contemplating a divorce or suspect your spouse of cheating. Whatever your motivation, you should understand that there are legal ways to go about this, and you should never cross over this line.

Electronic Tracking of Your Spouse 

Mostly this refers to placing a tracking device on your spouse’s car. A global positioning system device is attached to a part of the car that is not readily seen. This device is then integrated with your smartphone, so you can track the movements of the car. This is not always legal so make sure you are doing it correctly.

If you have clear title to the car, then you are likely on safe ground, but when the car is owned by your spouse, you may have a problem. If the car is in both of your names, it will definitely depend upon the laws of your state. Sometimes a standard surveillance operation is better than tracking a car. A private investigator will know which tools are best for investigating your spouse, and the method will be done legally.

Tapping Your Spouse’s Phone

In an age of smartphones, there are several apps you can use to track your spouse’s phone use. You have probably thought about this already. There are some apps that will record the conversation, while others are more simple and only give you a log of times and phone numbers.

The legal issues, however, can be complex and are similar to those of a car. It will not only depend, upon who owns the phone, but also who is listed on the phone plan. Again, the laws will vary from one state to the next.

Electronic Surveillance in Your Home

This one can be tricky. The laws are complex, and although there are federal laws that apply throughout the nation, each state also has laws that you must understand and adhere to.

In general, if you are only recording video, you will be okay. However, once you start recording audio, you can cross over a legal line quickly.

It is tempting to want to record in your own home, especially since there are small cameras that are easy to hide, but you must first think about what you hope to achieve. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, he or she is not likely to bring their lover home with them. As a tool for infidelity checks, this is not high on the list for effectiveness.

Even if you are observant of all applicable laws when investigating your spouse, it is imperative that you do so without detection. This is why it is important to hire a professional investigation firm such as ours. Not only do we understand all of the laws, but we can do an investigation without detection.

Contact us today, and let us know why you want to investigate your spouse. We can explore the possibilities of how our services can help you.

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Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is a private investigator and founder of Tristar Investigation, California’s premiere detective agency. Bruce is also a media commentator for the investigation industry, featured in the New York Times, CNN, History Channel, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times and many more. You can find him on Google+ LinkedIn and YouTube.