Bruce Robertson is the founder of Tristar Investigation, a private detective agency in Los Angeles, CA. Tristar has a 28-year track record of delivering quality investigative results. Headquartered in West Los Angeles, Tristar has branch offices in San Francisco.

As a Private Investigator, Bruce Robertson is a nationally recognized expert and commentator in the field of investigation. His appearances on television include CNN Worldwide, MSNBC “Dayside”, Court TV’s “Catherine Crier Live”, History Channel’s “Modern Marvels”, and CNBC “Business Tonight”. Other appearances include KCET’s “Life and Times”, KCRW’s “Which Way L.A. ?” with Warren Olney, KUSC “Market Place” and numerous other programs and radio stations.  He has been featured in print media such as The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times.



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Bruce Robertson

Bruce Robertson is a private investigator and founder of Tristar Investigation, California’s premiere detective agency. Bruce is also a media commentator for the investigation industry, featured in the New York Times, CNN, History Channel, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times and many more. You can find him on Google+ LinkedIn and YouTube.