Investigations into criminal behavior are the investigations that make the headlines, and here in San Diego, it is no different than anywhere else. There is often a relationship to what you hear about on television and what private investigators do. It is true that government investigations are done differently than what is done by private investigators, but they both serve the same purpose: justice The following are a couple of examples of investigations here in San Diego, and how they relate to the field of private investigation.

San Diego location of investigations

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

The sheriff’s department is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice.
Specifically, the investigation focuses on an incident that happened in December of 2012 and the possibility of a young man having his civil rights violated under the Disabilities Act. Antonio Martinez was stopped by a deputy sheriff as he walked to his parent’s store. He did not follow instructions from Deputy Jeffrey Guy and was hit with the deputy’s baton as well as pepper sprayed. He was then taken to the sheriff’s station where he was booked for resisting arrest. However, it became apparent that the 23 year old Martinez was mentally disabled. In fact, he has the thinking capacity of a seven year old child. The charges against Martinez were later dropped.

A Private Investigator Can Help With A Civil Suit

The family of Antonio Martinez is in the process of bringing a lawsuit against the sheriff’s department. It is in this situation where a private investigator can help an attorney as well as the family bringing the civil action. It is important to not depend fully on the government in an investigation. The first reason is that it is not always as comprehensive as it should be; some stones are left unturned. In addition, the government will only bring criminal charges; compensation will not be an issue. A private investigator can help with a more thorough investigation to help get the compensation that a plaintiff is entitled to.

Different Lawsuit, Same Deputy Sheriff

In a related story, a college student is claiming that the same deputy sheriff that beat Antonio Martinez beat him too. Brett Bacon has a civil suit pending from an incident in February of 2013. Mr. Bacon is claiming that his head was stomped on by the deputy causing abrasions. It is unclear whether this case is being investigated by the Department of Justice, but this is all the more reason to have a private investigator look at the evidence. It is possible that not all witnesses were interviewed or were not interviewed thoroughly. Having a private investigation firm, along with working with an attorney, can increase the chances of a successful civil suit.

Keep in mind that most cases involving an injury that lead to a civil suit are not reported on television, and the work that a San Diego private investigator does in these cases is seldom mentioned. However, it is important to know how valuable these services are. The best place to begin thinking about a private investigator is at the time you consult with an attorney about your case. You can contact us directly or have your attorney contact us, and we can discuss what services we can provide you as they apply to your particular circumstances.

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Bruce Robertson

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